Dezhou Korea Galvanized Wire Trading Co., Ltd..

Dezhou Korea Galvanized Wire Trading Co., Ltd.. is a professional manufacturer of low carbon steel wire and iron wire mesh series products, We rank among the top galvanized wire manufacturers with wire drawing and hot-dip galvanizing production in the factory.

Koreahas workshops for wire drawing, electro galvanizing, cleaning, quality inspection and packing. We follow the vision of Good Quality, Reputation and Customer Orientation in doing business, backed by our advanced technology and complete inspection system, we have passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate.

Our major products include BWG5# to 38# hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire, black iron wire, U type binding wire, PVC coated iron wire, galvanized barbed wire, razor wire, chain link fence and other wire and wire mesh products. We can provide big coil galvanized wire and black iron wire with a weight of 200-800kg per coil. Our wire is made with choice low carbon steel wire going through wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing process and heat annealing, offering property of flexibility and softness. The zinc coating can be up to 300gram/square meter. We can also provide galvanized wire to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


Dezhou Korea has advanced machines for wire drawing, annealing, galvanizing, cutting, coiling and various processing. Our workers are experienced in producing galvanized wire and mesh products from carbon steel wire. We offer good quality zinc plating to the steel or iron wire to ensure good quality of the finished wire mesh products..

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